Tips and rules for dormitories


In all dormitories there is at least one janitor employed. The janitor is among other things responsible for helping students who are moving in or out, for repairs, booking trades people, etc.

The office hours are posted on the janitor's office. In the janitor's office you can also get help with questions, problems or damages. The janitors in AKAFÖ-Dormitories can speak at least basic English.


Every dormitory has a master key system. When you move into a dormitory you receive a key from the janitor. The room key also locks and unlocks the house door, the kitchen and other common rooms. Be sure to observe the following information pertaining to your key:

    You may not give your key to a third party and you may not make copies of your key.
    For security reasons you should always lock your room when leaving. You are responsible for all items on the inventory list.
    There are frequently cases of theft in dormitories. For this reason you should always keep the entrance door closed and use the intercom system before you let anyone in.

Rules of the House

Living together with many people in a dormitory does not work without any rules. These are recorded in the Rules of the House. The following rules apply everywhere:

    From 22 o'clock till 8 o'clock (that means from 10 p.m. till 8 a.m. – don't forget to learn this way of telling time!) is "Nachtruhe" in Germany (and in all dormitories). Please inform your neighbors if you are planning a party.
    You should avoid making noise that would disturb your neighbors. Particularly televisions and stereos should be set on low volume.
    Please observe the fire prevention regulations.
    If you invite guests into the dormitory you are responsible for their behavior.
    If you see people in the dormitory who do not belong there, you have the right to ask them to leave!

The Laundry room

Laundromat (Bild: Photocase.com)As a general rule, dormitories have a laundry room in the basement. Here you will find washing machines and dryers which you can use to wash and dry your laundry for small price.

In the AKAFÖ-dormitories you can pay with the money card (Geldkarte). You can apply for a money card at the janitor's office and pick it up later at the AKAFÖ. The card is transferable. The money card can be charged at the Sparkasse machines (in the Uni-Center).
If the cash card from your bank has the money card function you can also use it.

In private dormitories you pay either with monetary coins or with special washing coins which you can get from the caretaker.

The washing machines and dryers show how long the process will take. Please collect your laundry promptly so that other residents can use the washing machines and dryers.

The Laundromat

If you don't have your own washing machine you can wash and dry your laundry yourself at the Laundromat. There are also laundries and dry cleaners in Germany but they are only reasonable if you own clothing that you can't wash yourself.

In downtown Bochum there are two Laundromats (on the Nordring and the Südring); one load there costs approximately 3,- €.

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