Student self-administration in dormitories

Every dormitory has a collegiate dormitory self-administration. Those are students who are in charge for all matters of the dormitory life and act as a contact person for the residents. For the student self-administration there are funds made available by the student unions and the AKAFÖ.

    Summer festivals of the dormitories

Plenary meeting (Heimvollversammlung - HVV)

The most important panel at the dorms is the plenary meeting. All residents can participate at that meeting and vote too. At this meeting all important questions will be discussed, e.g. the composition of the TV program, the use of the dorms own bar, shared activities or purchases for the dorms. Most of the time there is a voting of the spokesmen and their representatives. The plenary meeting can make decisions, which have to be implemented by the dormitory spokesmen afterwards.

Dorm-spokesmen and dorm-council

The dormitory self-administration is consisting of the dorm-spokesmen and their representatives.

    The spokesman of the dormitory is organizing dorm events and is the first contact person for dorm-based questions. His functions also involve the convening and supervision of the plenary meetings, the management of the recreation rooms as well as the equipment, the maintenance of the dormitory websites and the contact with the manager of the dormitory.
    The representatives of the dorm-spokesman are dedicated students who are in charge of defined areas. For example there can be a cleaning maintenance supervisor, a women’s representative or a treasurer. Other people are in charge of certain rooms or shared items (e.g. games or tools).

The dorm-spokesman and its representative form the dorm-council.


In addition to the dorm-spokesmen each floor should have a floor-spokesman. It's the contact person for all floor-based issues. The floor-spokesman represents the interests of the residents of each respective floor towards the other dormitory residents and informs the floor members about the decisions made at the plenary meeting.

Spokesmen-council or spokesmen constellation

At some dormitories the floor-spokesmen form a spokesmen-council or a spokesmen constellation of the dormitory. The spokesmen-council can have miscellaneous functions, from solving of floor-based problems to the voting of the dorm-spokesmen.
Often there is no separate spokesmen-council and the floor-spokesmen participate in the meetings of the dorm-council.

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