Admission and application

As a foreigner, you need to hand in a written application for admission to a course of studies. The closing date for applications for the summer semester is 15 of January the latest, the closing date for the winter semester is 15 of July the latest. Most of the courses of studies begin in the winter semester but some subjects also start in the summer semester. Please inform yourself in time because there might Stick to the closing dates (Bild: Photocase.com)be some cases where shorter application deadlines are valid.

It really is important that you stick to the closing dates for the applications but please do not apply too early as well. Your application can be worked on after a certain date. It would be sensible to send in your application two months early to the closing date.

Foreign students have to apply in any case, no matter whether there is a restricted admission or not. In case of restricted admission in a subject, there are special rules.

Restricted admissions

Study subjects may be under restricted admissions locally, at a single college, or nationwide. If your chosen subject is under restricted admissions only locally, you can apply directly at the college. In the case of nationwide restricted admissions (e.g. Medicine), students from the EU can turn to the ZVS (the central office for allocation of study places). Foreign students from other countries have to turn to the International Office of the particular college.
School marks, aptitude tests or selection talks might be some criteria for the admission.

The admission is often called Numerus Clausus or NC (Latin for "restricted number").

Application documents

Before you send in your application you should double-check your documents whether they are complete. If an application is incomplete or defective it will not be worked at or only with delay in time. Usually, certificates or other diploma are handed in as a certified copy including translations and not as an original.

Chinese applicants can let their college admission get checked in their home country via the academic examination office.

After they received your documents, the International Office (or uni-assist) checks whether your school or university certificates can be regarded at as equal and whether you fulfil all admission requirements. If this is the case you will receive your admission for studying.


Admission at Ruhr-University

    Application for admission for studying at the Ruhr-University:



    You will find further information at the general student advisory service:

Admission at Bochum University of Applied Sciences

If you are interested in a course of studies at the Hochschule Bochum, please send your application to the service point uni-assist. Uni-assist claims a fee for working at your application.



Admission at Evangelic University of Applied Sciences

At the Evangelic University of Applied Sciences a three-month practical training is required before the beginning of the studies.

    Appliation for admission for studying:

Admission at Technological University of Applied Sciences

    Information for foreign applicants at the Technological University of Applied Sciences:
    At the technical college, a three-month practical training is required before the beginning of the studies.

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