Short notice accommodations


key for a hotel room (Bild: sxc.hu)Especially in the first few days many students and their parents need accommodations in Bochum on short notice. There are numerous hotels, hostels and boarding houses in various quality and price classes in Bochum. In general boarding houses are furnished very sparingly but they are also lower priced than hotels.

You can find a list of hotels in Bochum here:


The Youth Hostel of Bochum on the Humboldtstrasse, the hostel Aleppo on the Nordring, the Kolping-Haus on the Maximilian-Kolbe-Strasse (all three are in the downtown area) and the hotel Formule 1 on Cruismannstrasse (in Bochum-Riemke) for example are relatively inexpensive. All of them can be reached either by car or with the subway.


Many students that are not in Bochum for a couple months sublet their rooms during this time. If you don't find a place to stay right away, you can move into a dormitory or apartment as a subtenant and continue to search for housing. Offers to sublet are either posted on notice-boards or in the dormitories themselves.

If you would like to sublet your room or apartment you should let your landlord know in order to avoid problems. In the dormitories from the AKAFÖ you are allowed to sublet your room as long as you have informed the AKAFÖ.


Houseshare-agencies mostly arrange rental of furnished rooms in house-/flat-shares for a limited time-span from a few days to one year.

    Houseshare-agency Bochum: http://bochum.homecompany.de
    Houseshare-agency Ruhr-Area: http://www.interlodge.de
    Houseshare-agency Germany: http://www.mitwohnzentrale.de

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