The schooling of scholars, students and would-be academics can be supported by scholarships. Scholarships are being granted either on the basis of social criterias or outstanding performances.
Scholarships are allocated by governmental, churchly or political foundations as well as by the universities. The granted benefits are very diverse and range from interest-free loans to money for books to full support.

Scholarships for language course attendees

Foreign students can already receive a fund respectively a scholarship for the attendance of a language course:

The DAAD allocates partial scholarships for attendance at language courses that last several weeks during the semester break.
At different foundations and exchange programs you will receive a language course scholarship for attendance of an intensive language course at the Goethe-Institut or another state approved language school in Germany if your German skills are insufficient. The language course scholarship takes place directly before beginning of the study or the research work. Accompanying spouses can request a language course scholarship as well.
 The AStA of the Ruhr-University bears partial expenses for the AStA language courses for students who have financial problems.
The Institut für Internationale Kommunikation in Düsseldorf (Institute for International Communication) supports learners of the German language with partial scholarships and travel allowances.

Scholarships for students

In comparison to other countries scholarships for students are not very common in Germany, with the implementation of tuition fees the scholarship system is to be expanded. Since the funding often depends on good study performances, it often won’t begin before the first semesters of the studies have passed.
DAAD database of scholarships
Schlolarship reader of AStA of the Ruhr-University

Scholarships for Graduates/Postgraduates

Scholarship programs are more common for postgraduates than for students. At scientific- and engineering term faculties many postgraduates have a job at the university. In humanities this is rather an exception.
Furthermore some companies offer interested postgraduates the possibility to write the promotion hands-on in the company. Most of the time the postgraduates are being offered a fulltime- or part-time job.
DAAD database of scholarships
Schlolarship reader of AStA of the Ruhr-University
Service point for electronic research information

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