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During the studies internships are a great way to gain work experience and to make some money on the side. The conditions of study of some courses even stipulate internships. Towards the end of the studies internships can be meaningful when it comes to getting to know future employers.
Internship market at Career Service
Of course, it is great if you would find a side job that matches your studies and where you can put in use what you have learned. But many times you have to take other jobs as well, to make some money.

Arrangement of jobs for students at the labour office (Agentur für Arbeit)

At the labour office (Agentur für Arbeit), Bochum, there is an office for the allocation of jobs for students. There you can get informations about offers for temporary side jobs in person.
Online you can find jobs for students at "Arbeits- und Ausbildungssuchende" und "Stellenangebote suchen". At "Art der Nachfrage" choose the option "Ferienjob/Studentenjob" and refine your search if applicable (e. g. for the timeframe or the zip code).
Arbeitsagentur Bochum

Local newspapers and websites

It's also worth it to look up the local newspapers for classifieds. On a frequent basis there are students wanted for temporary side jobs as help in the house, as a babysitter or as service staff in pubs and restaurants.
Online you will find jobs for students in Bochum and surroundings at
http://www.meinestadt.de/bochum/jobs (e. g. in the categories "Minijobs" or "Helfer-Jobs").

Bulletin boards

You can also find openings for side jobs at the bulletin boards of your university, e.g. at the AStA or at the foyer of the buildings.

Promotion- and event-agencies

Many students from abroad work for promotion and event-agencies when in Germany and are employed as sales promoters or fair hostesses for example.
You can find promotion jobs at:

Job exchanges

Working as a graduate assistant at an academic institution or the Studentenwerk offers a big advantage for Students coming from Non-Eu-contries: in most cases the 120-days regulation does not apply. Pleas note - such part-time have to be some how linked with your academic education.
Jobmarket of the Ruhr-University
Jobmarket of the University of Applied Sciences

Adjoining universities:

Jobmarket of the University Duisburg-Essen
Jobmarket of the University Dortmund

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