Help with Financial Problems

There are a few support possibilities for foreign students with financial emergencies. Sometimes this aid is only available to students at specific schools. If you have problems, the consultation office for foreign students will try to help you.

Emergency funds

Many schools have an emergency aid fund to support international students in emergency situations. If you can prove that you are in a temporary emergency situation you may receive a one-time aid package from the Studentenwerk or the AStA. Such an emergency can occur for example due to illness, pregnancy or exam times – recurring or long term aid is, however, not possible!

Further information at the counselling office for foreign student. oder Tutorenbüro.

Food stamps

Needy students can also apply for food stamps that entitle them to a free or reduced meal at the Mensa. Food stamps are subsidized by the AStAs of the Ruhr-University and the Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) as well as the AKAFÖ.

To receive food stamps you must file an informal application and provide proof of your monthly financial situation. For this purpose pleas bring a bank statement with your income and expenditures as well as certificate of enrollment.

Further information at the consultation office for foreign students or at the AStA of the Fachhochschule.

Association "Hilfe für ausländische Studierende in Bochum e.V."

The association "Hilfe für ausländische Studierende in Bochum e.V." was founded based on the initiative of representatives of the Bochum universities, the AStAs of the Ruhr Universität and the Bochum University of Applied Sciences as well as the two Christian student congregations. The association organizes different donation actions and uses these means to support foreign students with a one time aid package (e.g. payment of monthly rent, health insurance contribution, etc.)

Hilfe für ausländische Studierende in Bochum e. V.

Postfach 25 03 24, 44741 Bochum

Donations account: Sparkasse Bochum, BLZ 43050001, Konto 33304700

You can receive further information from the councelling office for international students, student counciland the two Christian student congregations.

Social Insurance Refund from the AStA

The AStA of the Ruhr-University offers a reimbursement of the social insurance fee twice a year during the confirmation period. If you can provide proof of a financial emergency (e.g. with bank statements, income statement, or similar) the AStA can assume your social insurance partially or in full.

Pay close attention to the deadlines for the social insurance refund! The dates are advertised in the consultation rooms and the AStA secretariat at the beginning of February and the beginning of August.

Social advice from the AStA of the Ruhr-Universität

Studierendenhaus room 016



AStA of the Fachhochschule (Raum BO -31/32)


44801 Bochum

Phone 0234/ 32-10728

E-Mail: asta[at]fh-bochum.de


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