Health insurance

All students in Germany have to take out medical insurance. Without a proof of a health insurance, you cannot enroll at a college.

There are compulsory insurances as well as private ones. The contribution and the benefits, which the health insurances offer, differ a lot. In general, the compulsory insurances are cheaper, but the private ones have more benefits.

Release from the compulsory insurance

If your home country has signed a social treaty with the Republic of Germany, you can release yourself from the contributions of a compulsory insurance at a German insurance company. Students from the following countries may get a release if they are already medically insured in their home country:

Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Republik of Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro), Sweden, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

It would be better to check before whether your health insurance company is acknowledged in Germany and which treatment costs are covered.

Student health insurance

With the admission of your college, you can insure yourself at a compulsory insurance. To take out the insurance, you need:

    bank account
    admission of the college

At the moment, the costs for a student health insurance are 77,01 €  (78,50 €) per month. These contributions are equal for all compulsory insurances and will be debited from your account. The student health insurance ends with your 30th birthday or after 14 semesters. After that, you can stay in the compulsory insurance as a free member or change to a private company, the costs will be higher in both cases.

Please notice that the student health insurance is only valid starting with the beginning of studying. If you are in Germany before this deadline, you have to take out at a private insurance company for this period of time.

Exceptions for the student health insurance

Those who attend a sixth-form college or German classes, those who come to Germany as a visiting scientist or are older than 30 years or 14th semester at the point of beginning the studies have to insure themselves privately. The "Deutsche Studentenwerk" (the association of all German Studentenwerke) has signed a cheap outline agreement with the Union insurance company.

Description of benefits:

    Insurance in preparatory courses
    Aged 30 or 14th semester

Of course, you may choose any other private health insurance company. You can find more addresses in the Yellow Pages.

Health insurance companies in Bochum

You can choose the health insurance freely. There are several hundred private and compulsory insurance companies in Germany, you will find the addresses in the Yellow Pages.

Some of the compulsory insurances have a branch office close to the Ruhr-University which offer special advisory services for students:

    Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse, HZO at the Ruhr-University
    Barmer Ersatzkasse, at the library of the Ruhr-University
    Techniker Krankenkasse, Uni-Center

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