Forms of housing in the dormitories

There are different forms of housing in the student dormitories.

The student residence Sumperkamp is suitable for handicapped students (Bild: AKAFÖ)

Single room: You have your own furnished room and share the kitchen, washroom and lavatory with the neighbors (approximately 7-12 people) on your floor.

Apartment: An apartment consists of a bedroom with its own bathroom and kitchenette. There are furnished as well as unfurnished apartments.

Double Apartment: A double apartment consists of two bedrooms and a kitchen and bathroom which are shared. It is ideal for couples or parents.

Shared Apartment (WG): Several people (2-7) share an apartment, where each person has his or her own bedroom. WG rooms are offered furnished as well as unfurnished.

There are special living arrangements available for families, couples and handicapped students.

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