Tips for cooking

Kitchen in the student residence Eulenbaumstraße (Bild: AKAFÖ)

Cook yourself

All student hostels have cooking facilities, either a little kitchenette in the apartment or a common kitchen for a living community or floor.

    Here you will find some recipes: http://www.chefkoch.de  or www.studentenkochbuch.net
    Here you will find explanations to German cooking expressions and an introduction to basic cooking: http://www.kochatelier.de

Kitchen order

Especially in a kitchen which is used by several people it is important to show consideration for each other. Therefore:

    While you cook, stay close to the oven otherwise you can let it burn easily!
    Clean the kitchen and wash the dishes after you have eaten.
    Sort and then throw away the waste.
    Regularly clean the kitchen and the fridge.
    Do not block the kitchen for too long – there are others who want to cook as well.


Cafeterias and snack bars of the AKAFÖ

The AKAFÖ supplies about 50,000 students and staff of the schools in 8 cafeterias and 14 snack bars in Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen and Bocholt.

MenuEveryday, the AKAFÖ offers good and varied meals from 2,- € on and there is always a vegetarian alternative as well as offers from the salad and pasta bar. Out of consideration for individual eating habits, the menu contains various signs: "V" is for a vegetarian meal, "S" means that the food contains pork, "R" stands for beef and meals that contain alcohol are marked with an "A". Find more detailed information concerning offerings and prices here: http://www.akafoe.de/gastronomie/gastronomie.html

Besides the warm meal, the hot coffee is a permanent companion to the students. You can purchase a big cup of coffee in the snack bars for only 0.85 €. But the best is that the AKAFÖ has only used fair trade coffee for over ten years. In addition, there is a big offer of rolls, cakes, salads, snacks, sweets and beverages to low prices. So it is no wonder that the average student spends a fifth of his studies in the snack bar.

group of students in a snack bar a RUB (Bild: AKAFÖ)All the catering businesses of the AKAFÖ have an eye on waste avoidance. So there are paper cups in the snack bars but those who prefer drinking out of a real cup, and therefore avoid waste, are allowed to bring their own cup from home. A "cooler" alternative would be to use one of the popular AKAFÖ-Cups which you can buy at the cash desk of the snack bars for only 2,- €. This collector's item has been available for a few years with different motives and a lit.

In contrast to other countries, cafeterias in student hostels are not common in Germany. You can find cafeterias and snack Bars only at the schools. There are kitchens in the dormitories.

Cafeteria of the Technical University of Applied Sciences

The TFH has its own cafeteria which is located in the same building like the student hostel of the TFH (Westhoffstrasse 15). The refectory is open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., lunch starts at 11.30 a.m. On Sundays, students have the possibility to brunch "all you can eat" from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for only 4.99 €.

In the basement of the main building of the TFH, there is a lounge with a coffee machine, football game…

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