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Rent and deposit

The rent price is mostly named as "cold", i.e. net rent before bills (that is without costs for heating, water, waste disposal, maintenance) or as "warm", i.e. final rent. In student residences all rental prices are inclusive of bills.

When moving into a student residence or a flat, a deposit of 1-3 monthly rents is usually required. If you hand over room or flat in an unobjectionable state, you will receive your deposit back. In AKAFÖ-residences the deposit is two monthly rents.

Waste separation

Waste seperation (Bild: Photocase.com)The Germans consider waste separation a matter of great importance, especially for ecological reasons – the separated waste is reused. At universities, in residences and at German stations, too, there are separate containers for different types of waste.

Green SpotAll wrappings carrying the "Green spot" (e.g. plastics, cans, tetrapaks) go into the yellow bin bag or the yellow container or bin. Yellow bin bags can be obtained from Remondis (Phone 0234/ 8921-0).

In addition, batteries, glass as well as paper and cardboard are separated. While the paper is collected from home (this is the use of the Blue Bin), glass must be taken to a collection point nearby. Batteries contain poisonous additives and should not be put into the normal waste. They are collected in shops (i.e. supermarkets). The rest of the waste goes into the grey or black bin for "remaining waste".

If you don't know what waste has to go where, you can look at the website of the Environmetal Sevice Bochum (USB).

Bulky waste

If you have furniture, greater parts of your furnishing or bigger electronic appliances to throw away, you can have bulky waste collected from your door by the USB once a year free of charge. You do, however, have to order the picking-up in advance.

Further information

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