18 Karat, Brückstraße. House-dance club that attracts people from all around with the hippest DJs on the weekends.

    Matrix, Hauptstraße 200 in Langendreer. Bizarrely furnished club with cages, blood red and black walls. Accordingly: much darker music. Concerts regularly, also light meals. The old building which used to house the legendary Rockpalast is especially beautiful.

    Disco Zeche, Prinz-Regent-Straße 50. Achieved absolute cult status in the 80s. Regular concerts, different music in two halls – something for everyone. The traditional dance club in Bochum. Also well attended on Thursdays.

    Zwischenfall, Alte Bahnhofstraße 214 in Langendreer. Stronghold of the gothic and new wave scene. Damn dark! But there are also many good punk or ska concerts.

    Riff – Die Bermudahalle, Konrad-Adenauer-Platz. Club & bar in three areas: Wednesdays starting at 9 p.m. Live-music with Pamela Falcon, Fridays ("Shark Attack") and Saturdays dance club, sometimes also variety shows which will be announced.

    Beach Club Bochum, Kohlenstr. 57. New club with a sandy beach and swimming pool. Alternating events such as "Luft und Liebe" (air and love) or the open air "Sandbar" with Dj Hi-Spin from the Tanzpalast.

    Bahnhof Langendreer, Wallbaumweg 108. There is something for everyone here: "Globalibre"-world music parties take place as well as hip-hop, indie-rock, dub or single, gay and lesbian parties. For exact dates visit their homepage!

Ethno discos

    Rush Hour (Russian Disco): Im Spähenfelde 51, Dortmund

    Taksim (Turkish Disco): Freudenbergstraße 40, Bochum

    Sobieski (Polonian Disco): Alleestr. 129, Bochum

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