Monthly costs of living

Euro (Bild: Pixelquelle.de)Life in Bochum is relatively inexpensive compared with other german cities. However you will have to pay 570,- € but more likely 670,- € a month to support yourself in Germany

    * Living: For a room in a student residence rent (bills for Water, electricity, heating and waste disposal are usually included) is about 204,- € to 305,- € a month.
    * Health insurance for students costs 77,01 € or 78,50 € a month.
    * Food should be expected to cost about 180,- € to 240,- € a month.
    * Clothing and personal hygiene cost about 50,- € to 80,- € a month.
    * You should allow for about 50,- € a month for Telephone, Internet and Radio License Fees.
    * Working material, photocopies and library fees and the like cost, sometimes depending on the subject studied, 10,- € to 50,- € a month.

Added to this must be costs for the studies as well as expenses for free time activities, e.g. culture, sports or going out

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