Kino Endstation

    The cinema "Kino Endstation" at the train station Langendreer, Wallbaumweg 108, Phone 0234/6871620, offers a varied and demanding programme. There you can watch unconventional movies, the annual festival "Blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet" and movies in the original sound.

    Metropolis and Casablanca

    The Metropolis at the main station, Phone 0234/12263, shows together with the Casablanca in the Bermuda-Triangle movies far from mainstream. In both cinemas, there is a big showroom, interesting movies and student discounts.

    KoKI AG

    KOKI AG, Kommunales Kino der VHS Bochum. They play in the Metropolis cinema and the "Kino Endstation". Changing programme.

    Union Filmtheater

    Kortumstraße 16, Phone 0234/33 89 103. This is the traditional house of Bochums cinemas. Students pay less and Tuesday is movie day. It is freshly renovated – a good old piece of cinema.


    Kortumstr. 51, Phone 0234/96 17 122. Another cinema in the city centre. It is the only one with the fantastic THX-Sound. Located between the Südring and the Husemannplatz. Tue and Thu: lower prices.


    Ruhrpark, Phone 0234/23 90 222. This cinema is a freshly renovated Multiplex-Giant in the "Ruhrpark" shopping center including 14 screens, lots of parking spaces, Hot Dogs, Nachos, great images and sound as well as all latest movies.

Apart from that:

    the cheapest and hippest way to watch an interesting mix of current and alternative movies is the Studienkreis Film which offers films every Tuesday and Thursday in the auditorium HZO 20 (at Ruhr-University)
    Every summer there is a Fiege Open Air Cinema which offers current movies and cult films in the backyard of the Fiege Brewery close to the main station.
    Every year in May, the students of Bochum organize the International Video Festival of Bochum at the "Musisches Zentrum" at the Ruhr-University. If you are interested to take part: Phone 0234/32-26902.


Stages of Bochum

Schauspielhaus Bochum

Königsallee 15, tickets: 0234/33 33-111
Since its foundation in 1919, the "Schauspielhaus Bochum" is one of the most famous theatres in Germany – and its former director Matthias Hartmann was also a crowd-puller. Elmar Goerden manages the house at the Königsallee since summer 2005. He stepped in for Jahrhunderthalle (Bild: Thilo Machotta)Matthias Hartmann who can look back on great successes by having stars like Harald Schmidt or Helge Schneider on the stage. Goerden represents pensive theatre and always turns to classical texts. It is yet to see how Goerden takes care of his younger audience, what will happen to the experimental kind of theatre (for example, on the street or in tube stations) and to the House-Club in the "Theater unter Tage".

The Ruhr-Triennale

Jahrhunderthalle, Gahlenschestrasse/Alleestrasse, tickets: 0201/887 20 24
Since its re-opening in February 2003, the "Jahrhunderthalle" of Bochum (which is sometimes compared with an industrial cathedral) established itself as a main place of the culture festival RuhrTriennale which offers a mixture of theatre, opera, music and literature. Big international productions present themselves beside readings of young writers and presentations of freelance theatre groups. Jürgen Flimm is the director of the 2. Triennale from 2005 to 2007. Youths until the age of 26 get a 50% discount on all tickets.

The freelance theatre groups of Bochum

It is also worth to pay a visit to all the small stages of Bochum. The "Prinz Regent" theatre, for example, takes part in the NRW-Off-Theater-Festival Impulse every year and it made a name for its works.

The adresses:

    prinz regent theater: Prinz-Regent-Straße 50
    Kulturhaus Thealozzi: Pestalozzistraße 21
    Theater der Gezeiten: Nordring 61
    Theater Thespis: Baaker Mulde 3
    Figurentheaterkolleg: Hohe Eiche 27
    Constantin Musik Theater: Widume Str. 6
    ROTTSTR 5 Theater:Rottstr. 5
    Studiobühne: Musisches Zentrum der RUB

And more:

    Comödie Bochum: Ostring 25, Tel. 0234/961000
    Starlight Express: Stadionring, Tel. 0234/506020
    BASTION(Bunker am Springerplatz): Metzstr. 23, Tel. 0234/9117790

Classical Music

    Bochumer Symphoniker: changing stages, tickets: 0234/33 33-111
    Thürmer Saal: Friederikastr. 4, Tel. 0234/333 90 33 

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