Admission requirements


The requirements for an admission to study in Germany depend on your home country because the international levels of education are very different.

You may immediately take up your studies, if the college permit of your home country has been accepted as equal in Germany. If it has not, you have to sit an assessment test which can partly be substituted by one or two years of studies in your home country.

    Admission requirements depending of the home country:
    General admission requirements:
    Data bank about the acceptance of educational degrees:

Further studies for graduees

Admission (Bild: AKAFÖ)If you want to participate in further studies (e.g. master programmes), you have to go through a rating. At this rating, your study and examination achievements are being compared with the German standards.

Even if the degrees are called the same, they may not be equal. A foreign Bachelor, for instance, might not always be recognised as a Bachelor in Germany. If your degree is not equal, you will be put into the equivalent semester.

You can get general information at the "Akademisches Auslandsamt". The corresponding faculty of your college is responsible for your rating and you can get more details at the secretary's office there.

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