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Studying isn't everything. Especially not in a city like Bochum. Dive into the Bermuda-Triangle (Dreieck), go dancing in the clubs, and reflect in the theater – the possibilities for recreational activities here in the heart of the Ruhr Basin are serious competition for your course schedule. And so that you always find yourself at the right place, here is a short overview of the real "Hot-Spots".


The Bermuda-Triangle Bochum's renowned bar district geographically comprises the block of houses between Kerkwege, Viktoria- and Kortumstraße and otherwise defies all description. An absolute must for night owls. Those who don't know it somehow arouse suspicion. Here we present all the highlights counter-clockwise around the party zone.

    Intershop, Kerkwege. Dimly lit metropolitan flair: The Intershop is the classic last stop on a veritable trip around the Bermuda community. An icon of the nightlife – many immortal anecdotes have found their beginning and their inimitable end here.

    Café Sachs, Viktoriastraße 55. Those who want to see and be seen can be found sitting here. There are sports broadcasts and movies on the big screen, breakfast by checklist, and a nightclub on the weekends.

    Sticks, Viktoriastraße. The ingenious sushi-bar of the Bermuda triangle. Cool elegance, you can keep your shoes on and watch the cook prepare food on his cutting board. There's also a bar in the front.

    Café Tucholsky, Viktoriastraße 73. Cultivated art-deco-ambiance, not exactly cheap and coveted by stars and starlets. Well-known actors often pass the night in the "Art-Hotel" and the next morning you can find them at an elaborate breakfast in Tucholsky.

    Barrio, Viktoriastraße 66. Mexican beer, schnapps, food and music. On some evenings there is dancing – if there is enough room because it is usually very full here.

    Mandragora, Konrad-Adenauer-Platz. Inside its comfortably rustic atmosphere you can find the second best crêpes in the city and much more. The real potential lies outside: in the summer the Konrad-Adenauer-Platz turns into the biggest beer garden in Bochum. There are often concerts on the adjacent stage.

    Freibeuter, Kortumstraße 2. A bar for harbor-, music- and soccer-culture run by the former owners of the legendary Graefen und König. Here you can watch the soccer games or the bubbling aquariums with a bottle of the cult beer "Astra" from Hamburg while listening to some good old (and new) rock'n'roll.

    Cotton Club, Kortumstraße 1. Located on the second and third floor, this billiard-salon offers a view of all the happenings in the Bermuda-triangle and one of the best locations to knock the balls around. Snooker, carambole billiard and pool at fair prices.

    Three-Sixty und San Diego, Kortumstraße. Sorry: But these two sports and finger food bars in American design are practically identical. These two neighbors have a correspondingly interchangeable clientele and lots of space. Characteristic: a TV flickering in every corner – to each his own…

    Tapas, Kortumstraße 3. Run by the hosts of the Tucholsky who serve tapas here in a typical bar design. Since the wall has been removed you now have the opportunity after your Spanish meal to go through to the other side of the Bermuda triangle into the Tucholsky to drink a nightcap.

    Salsa und Sausalitos, Like the Three-Sixty and San Diego these bars are interchangeable, but this time Mexico style. If you like nachos, tacos and burritos and enjoying cocktails during happy-hour you're in good hands here.

    Café Konkret, corner of Kortumstraße and Kerkwege. There is plenty of seating next to the Engelbertbrunnen, at this popular meeting point in the summer because everybody has to pass by. Sometimes there are readings or lectures with a somewhat politically left touch.

Our recommendations

The Bochum scene outside of this indisputable bar center is also definitely worth a trip.

    Goldkante, Herner Straße 13. Successor of the legendary London Tokyo Paris with similar orientation: a small neatly equipped bar in sixties-style with living room atmosphere, DJ's and bottled beer. Stronghold of Bochum's pop-culture. Fans of electronic music and indie-pop get their money's worth. Occasional readings and concerts.

    Le Clochard, Buscheyplatz 2. The original student bar has held its place near the Uni-Center for 25 years where it offers seven kinds of beer on tap and better prices than the Bermuda triangle. In summer there is a large beer garden outside and the best crêpes in the city as well as other fantastic fare at fair prices the whole year through on their changing weekly menu.

    Kulturcafé, in the Studierendenhaus of the RUB. Many events (comedy, cabaret, live music) make the student run campus-café also interesting in the evenings. Regularly full and nowadays legendary are the monthly Blues-Sessions.

    Café Zacher, Brüderstraße 6. The Brüderstraße, an extension of the Bermuda triangle but a little different harbors one of the jewels of the local café scene: the Zacher. Large breakfast and tea menu in an exquisite relaxing atmosphere – a hot tip for mornings.

    Blauer Engel, Höfestraße 86. On the other side of the Opel factory Bochum almost has small town character and this pretty, picturesque bar with it's beer garden fits right in. Predominantly students and old-fashioned-left wing guests come here when they want excellent dining for a small price.

    Grunewald, Markstraße 139. Comfortable beer-tavern-atmosphere with hearty dishes for the student wallet.

    Paddys, Herner Straße 5. One of the oldest Irish pubs in Bochum. Comfortable atmosphere. Sporadic events such as readings or cabaret.

    Jago, next to the Schauspielhaus. Don't let the rustic décor deceive you. This is a popular meeting place for acting students, actors and theater goers.

    Biercafé am Shakespeareplatz, Hubertusstr. 4 You shouldn't let the Westphalian postmodern-brick here chase you away either. This little bar regularly presents artists from the music and cabaret scene. The comedian Hennes Bender tested his first program here. Admission is always free.

    Café Ferdinand, Ferdinandstraße 44. The stylish Ferdinand, decorated with beautiful old billboards is located directly behind the main station. Ample breakfast menu and light fare, not exactly cheap.

    Café Treibsand, Castroper Straße 79. Serves one of the best cups of coffee in the city and contains a large game collection. In the summer you can sit outside. Fans of the VfL Bochum are critical of the Treibsand because it closes during all home games.

    Freibad, Clemensstraße 2. Was once destroyed by fire, but quickly renovated and refurbished in the original style because of its huge popularity. Here you can drink delicious cocktails (Thursday is cocktail-day), have a bite to eat, relax in the old movie theater seats or play a round of pool in the enjoyable ambiance.

    Una Más, Hans-Böckler-Straße 34. The lowest priced Spanish bar at the moment. Tapas, tapas, tapas in the bodega-atmosphere typical of Catalonia.

    Super Luzil, Poststraße 43. This couch-lounge-bar in 70s style is not far from the U35 stop "Zeche Constantin". On Tuesdays there is pilsner beer on tap for 1,- € for all students, and on Thursdays there is a special on cocktails. Changing DJs.

    Bahnhof Langendreer, Wallbaumweg 108. The old train station in the quiet suburbs houses a real cultural melting pot: an ambitious movie theater, concerts, politically correct discussions, festivals – and on top of all that they operate an enjoyable restaurant with amazing ambiance, a beautiful green beer garden and a varying menu.

    Absinth, Rottstraße 24. A small bar which has specialized in serving that intoxicating vermouth drink. In the summer the natural beer garden is highly advisable.

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