What is the TestDaF?

The TestDaF is a language test for foreign learners of German who plan to study in Germany or who require recognised certification of their language skills.

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The TestDaF examination is centrally developed and rated by the TestDaF Institute
based in Hagen, Germany. The test can be taken at licensed Test Centres in about 80 different countries. All examination candidates receive the same tasks and the examinations are graded by trained raters.The examination results are assigned to one of three levels:

TestDaF-Niveaustufe 5 (TDN 5 – TestDaF level 5)

TestDaF-Niveaustufe 4 (TDN 4 – TestDaF level 4)

TestDaF-Niveaustufe 3 (TDN 3 – TestDaF level 3)

These are equivalent to levels B2.1 to C1.2 of the 
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Which TestDaF level do I need for admission to university?

Should you reach at least TDN 4 in each subtest, nothing stands in the way of your studies in Germany as far as language is concerned (naturally the remaining academic and legal requirements must also be met). A score of TDN 5 shows that you have a very good knowledge of German, above that required at the beginning of your studies.

Since every university in Germany has its own admissions policy, it is at the discretion of individual universities to admit applicants whose scores are below TDN 4 to courses of study. Please find out which TestDaF results are required by the university and/or in the subject of your choice prior to making your application. Some universities include such information on their websites. You can find further information on studying in Germany and the postal addresses of universities on the following websites: 

Sometimes language students hear rumors that TestDaF is easier than the DSH. This is not true. TestDaF is not easier, it is simply different.

Institutions with diverse interests came together and created the TestDaF with the aim to construct a recognized, standardized test to replace the established tests that were all tailored to different objectives.

The TestDaf has 4 parts:

Reading Comprehension

Listening Comprehension


Oral Exam

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