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What is DSH?

The DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang / Examination of German language proficiency required for admission to universities) assesses the following language skills in separate sections:
–  listening comprehension
–  reading comprehension and linguistic structures
–  writing
–  speaking.

The DSH is a language examination which tests whether you are capable of taking on studies in a University in Germany. This exam is taken before studies commence in each of the universities. The exam is in written and oral form.

In this way you can show both your linguistic skills and competences in the German language as a solid base for successful studies in Germany.

DSH – who is exempted?

There are those who are exempted:

    Applicants who can prove that they have the necessary language skills through higher institution qualifications which meet the German higher institution level
    Student applicants who have the „Deutsche Sprachdiplom der Kultursministerkonferenz“ Level 2 (DSD II)
    Student applicants who have obtained their „Zentral Oberstufenprüfung“ ZOP from the Goethe Institute.
    Student applicants who have the „Kleines deutsches Sprachdiplom“ or the „Großes deutsches Sprachdiplom“ from the Goethe Institute
    Applicants who have taken German as a foreign language classes and have successfully passed the „Festellungsprufüng or Abschlussprufüng“ in a German Studienkolleg.
    Applicants who have completed a limited part of their studies as an exchange student at a German university.

For more information on exemptions from the DSH obtained from the relevant universities.

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