Welcome to the best way to Learn German 
  with "Learn German VN"

I truly hope that at the end of this way I will be able to convey you some pertinent information to point you in the right direction on how to learn the German language. I trust that you will all bear with me while I will try to describe you how I, as a foreigner, did learn the German language and where I struggled most, and by doing this  I hope it will stimulate those who would like to improve their language skills.

How To Use This Way To Learn German?  "Daily Practice Speaking German By Yourself" 

Daily Practice speaking German by yourself, learngermanvn, learn germanvn

Step 1:

Relax! Just listen to the conversations and enjoy them.

Listen to the conversations many times every day.

Step 2:

Answer the questions quickly as soon as posible... Shout them out

It is important that you speak it loudly and clearly as many times as possible.

You need a lot of repetition and a lot of answering questions.

Step 3: 

You must repeat above steps as many times as you can. (Very Important).


- Use the text transcripts only when you don’t undertand something

Daily Practice speaking German by yourself, learngermanvn, learn germanvn

- When you answer a question, don’t worry about exact answers. Saying a correct and exact answer is not important. The most important thing is speed. Try to answer very quickly (remember, one word is fine). Speed is your goal.  You want short fast answers, not long answers! In the beginning, this may be difficult. That’s OK. Use your pause button.

- Eventually try to answer instantly, without using your pause button.

- Listen to all the converations everyday until you understand (and speak) them 100% of the audio converations.

- Practice it: Speaking out loud can instantly give some people the jitters, therefore it's a good idea to get comfortable with saying the eulogy.

Good luck and enjoy this way!

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